Welcome to my portfolio!

Welcome to my professional portfolio. Here you’ll find a curated selection of projects that illustrate my specialized skills in web development, application creation, and digital innovation. Although I’m currently enrolled in an Advanced Software course at Pitman to further refine my technical proficiencies, my primary focus is on applying these skills to create custom solutions for clients.

My expertise lies in the creation and management of digital platforms across various niches. From comprehensive pet service platforms to online radio stations and business directories, I specialize in crafting user-centered solutions that solve real-world problems. My portfolio stands as a testament to my versatility and commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

What distinguishes me from others in the field is my comprehensive approach to digital solutions. I manage every phase of the development process, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds market standards. I am dedicated to continuous learning, always updating my toolset to include the latest technologies and methodologies in web and app development.

While I’m proud of my independent projects, I am actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with clients to bring their digital vision to life. I offer an initial consultation to understand your project needs thoroughly and suggest actionable solutions that align with your objectives and budget.

If you’re seeking a dedicated, skilled, and highly efficient developer to collaborate with, I am available for project discussions. Please utilize the contact information on this site to get in touch with me. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the potential of working together!

Top City Business

A dynamic platform spotlighting the UK’s most innovative and promising businesses. The platform offers business owners a full suite of management and promotional tools. You can upload photos, update descriptions, offer promotions, and list services, all via an intuitive interface. Registration is both free and quick, making this portal the ideal resource for any entrepreneur looking to increase their visibility and business opportunities.

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Wheel Walk and Travel

This website is more than just a travel blog; it is an entire trip experience. Users may not only read informative articles but also watch vlogs that transport them to the heart of a place. WheelWalkTravel.com provides a multi-media tour of the world, whether you’re an armchair traveller or planning your next vacation.

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Servicii Pet

More than just a platform, ServiciiPet.ro empowers pet owners by offering a wide range of services including veterinarians, pet sitters, and grooming services. What sets us apart is the ability for service providers themselves to add and manage their offerings directly on the site, ensuring a continually updated and diverse range of options for pet owners.

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Radio Intens

Radio Intens is your go-to platform for ad-free Romanian party music, available globally. Run by passion rather than profit, the platform thrives on community support and offers unique features like listener donations. Over 11 years of operation have proven that great music doesn’t need interruptions.

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Radio Bandit

An addictive online post from Romania where listeners can enjoy the latest music, send messages and dedications, and share laughs with virtual friends.

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Radio Intens

A mobile-focused streaming service offering live streams, the ability to send dedications and messages, and a donations page, all wrapped in updated graphics.

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Asculta Live

A user-friendly interface that provides quick search capabilities, options to save favorites, and easy sharing with friends.

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Pioneering Digital Solutions

Transforming Ideas into Engaging User Experiences

In a landscape that is continuously evolving, it takes a certain amount of ingenuity, technical know-how, and an intricate understanding of user experience to build digital platforms that people love. That’s where I come in. With a focus on creating user-friendly, efficient, and innovative digital solutions, I work to not just meet, but exceed expectations.

Versatile Skillset
Always-On Support
Dedicated to Excellence
Cutting-Edge Tools
Tangible Outcomes